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Duet matinal pe Splaiul Independentei [...]

The piano, the only one on your taste.

I’m born from the desire of being on your taste. Always in style, light and elegant, I mount on the stage for your sake. And because there is competition in all that is surrounding us, I confess that it wasn’t easy.
I worked hard on my look, days and nights, to be on top. I was rigid but now I become flexible, I melt the sedentary into movement; I crossed all seas and countries to find all vital functions and class…
True blue blood….I mean, the impossible.
Genetics is surpassed by technology, you know that.
I found that is not enough to be the same all time.
Like you people, we have to be perseverant; to find new solutions and programs, not because you couldn’t, but because is not on your taste to function logically and functionally.
You would be then, more efficient than us, a thousand times and more interesting.
Your names are various, beautiful. They have musicality and…life on them.
We have only one name, which is morbid: Laptop.
Without that life and that special sensibility, which only you possess…human.  The soul, the hot breath that enliven the freezing.
I wonder if, we laptops have the capacity to dream. On our mechanism we can only hope…
People bound with us, they fall in love with our design and our exceptional capacity which we possess!
But, man, you forget your delicacy on behalf of a transiently creation.
You have the eternity hidden in your soul’s mystery, you have the light of the hope and….How do you call that mystic state of mind that makes you shiver like kids from the pleasure? Love, that is love..
We know the word, you always Google it, but you don’t know that there isn’t such a thing into our structure.
Beloved man, we don’t know what means to love, but sometimes we are partially sincere.
We please you, but always with a goal: we want by any cost to steal you time and you to adore us exclusively.

You’ll have to discover the lecture in this (?)

                                                                          ex meis creationibus


Mi-as sfasia speranta pentru o clipa de nemurire, sa-mi strivesc chipul pe un colt de cer... .
                                                                             ex meis creationibus

Un Ecou numit Speranta

Iti citeam, printre randuri, ecoul din privirea ta, adancita in tristete si resentimente, in miez de noapte; atunci cand sufletul ti se transforma in ganduri tenebre, fara scantei de inspiratie si fara temei. Ti-as spune ca e o iluzie, ca dorul tau ardent e inundat de lacrimi, ca... toata viata ta e un ecou absurd intre a fi si... a nu fi. Da, ti-ai educat ego-ul in stilul tau unic. Si ce stil revolutionar! Sfidezi omenirea cu idealul pe care il ascunzi. E un remediu, stiu. La revarsarea zorilor, te vei evapora, indubitabil. Si unde te vei regasi? Pe un vapor sau pe splaiuri?                                                                             
                                                                                 ex meis creationibus

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